Wow! What a day!

Firstly thank you for everyone who attended our Bonanza today – you truly made the day a huge success.

We want to shout out a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to M. HAUGE of Millaa Millaa who won the wheelbarrow raffle! You know you have done something amazing when there are tears shed on the other end of the phone that you just have to join in. This prize is going to be shared out among friends – we do hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Volunteers. You guys ROCK! Without you guys today wouldn't have been able to function. You are a major part of our family here at Respite and between cooking, manning stations, looking out for clients, setting up, cleaning up and making the gardens look incredible – words cannot describe the amount of thanks we feel for each and every one of you.

Community Connections, RCC, TRC – what can we say? The help you guys have provided in the last few months up until now has been invaluable! You guys have helped make an idea a reality. A very successful reality at that too.

To everyone that donated an item to our raffles – wow what a massive success! Special thanks to Jo and Rob Delacey were critical in helping us with this raffles as they provided the wheelbarrow itself! (Not to mention all the lollies for Santa and the lolly raffle).

To all our Senior Awards Recipients – it is because of people like you that make our small town pretty special. The love that you have been shown is incredible and fully justified! Thanks to Shane Knuth for catching a taxi (!) To make it to the presentation. There were a few tears shed too.

To the info stall holders and market stall holders – what a successful day! You guys helped set a wonderful atmosphere for the community to enjoy. Many treats up for grabs and I am sure there will be some special chrissy presents to be opened!

To the G Strings – again, you guys sang your little hearts out! The ambience was festive and im sure everyone had a bit of a sing at some point. We thank you for spending your Saturday with us. You guys are magic.

As the day sets on such a successful day and our hearts are full of love, from our family here at respite to yours, we hope you have a very magical Christmas and a wonderful New Year xxx