We love Good Shepherd Microfinancing NILS loans. Pay absolutely no interest. You don’t need a good credit rating or even a job to qualify.

This year’s knocked many of us, hard.
That’s why we’re making up to $3k available – with NO interest or charges – to pay the bills.
Funded by the Australian Government, in partnership with Good Shepherd and NAB, the no-interest Household Relief loan can be used for rent, rates, body corporate or utility bills.

Sure, it’s all fine to be strong and independent and resourceful. And you are.
But wouldn’t a little help make starting the new year easier?
Get the basics covered so that you can get back up, sooner.
Find out if you’re eligible: https://householdrelief.org.au/ or 📱 1300 121 130 now.
“Thanks so much for your support and assistance.” – Roxanne, 23, Coburg

Household Relief Loan

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