Another epic day with TRC's Ultimate Disc League (frisbee football?)

Just check out the talent! This could definately be a 'thing' and it would be great to see a local league (humans actually get full time jobs 😳 playing Ultimate Disc and it is set to become an Olympic event)…and btw, I am good 🤣🤣🤣. We have been donated a Ultimate Disc kit (all the goodies to start our own teams) so the sky is the limit

Sadly our turn out in Garnet was 😢. Come on guys…we will keep trying and have left an Ultimate Disc kit with Mt Garnet School.

The Ultimate Disc Team were amazing. Huge high five 🖐 and also a big callout to Silas Walker for the Welcome to Country. You Rock!

Ultimate Disc is funded by the Qld Government and Tableland Regional Council.

P.s. sorry about the photos I haven't flipped…fri night 😴